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The Law Enforcement Juvenile Justice Institute Convening

Event Dates
Aramark Global Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA

The Law Enforcement Juvenile Justice Institute is a national gathering for visionary law enforcement executives to dialogue about the future of policing today's youth.

At this inagural convening, you will examine current policing models and learn about new, trauma - informed models for improving your agencies' responses to youth victimization and violence.

We accomplish this by establishing a high-level dialogue with you, your colleagues and national law enforcement, adolescent development and juvenile justice experts about tools and best practices for strengthening, sustaining, and expanding law enforcement's relations with today's youth.

Keynote speakers are:

Former Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Department

Kevin Bethel, Founder and Executive Director, Law Enforcement Juvenile Justice Institute + Former Deputy Police Commissioner, Philadelphia Police Department

Judge Steven Teske, Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court of Clayton County, GA

Date Created: February 3, 2021