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Promising Approaches in Tribal Community Truancy Prevention Program Development (Webinar)

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Truancy Prevention is not a new endeavor in Indian Country.

Many communities are working to address truancy and chronic absenteeism among Tribal youth.

Engagement with local and community partners is essential to supporting youth as they navigate the education system.

Diversion programs that can provide supportive environments for youth to succeed are more important than ever.

This two-part learning series will discuss truancy prevention, chronic absenteeism, and the short and long-term impact of the same on Tribal youth.

Session One Learning Objectives:
- Discuss and learn about defining chronic absenteeism, truancy and discuss a brief history of Federal and State education policies impacting Tribal Youth.

- Consider trauma-informed and family engaged truancy prevention approaches as part of program implementation.

- Survey promising approaches in truancy prevention programming that are supporting youth success and diversion from the juvenile justice system.

Date Created: February 3, 2021