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3.11 Indirect Costs

No Approved Plan

Recipients that have never had an approved Federal indirect cost rate may either negotiate an indirect cost rate with their cognizant Federal agency or elect to charge a de minimis rate of 10% of modified total direct costs. 

If the recipient decides to negotiate an indirect cost rate with a DOJ component or has a rate pending with another Federal agency, a special condition will be added to the award prohibiting the obligation, expenditure, or drawdown of funds reimbursement for indirect costs until an indirect cost rate has been approved by the cognizant Federal agency, and a Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN) has been issued, or for COPS Office, the appropriate notification has been made retiring the special condition.

Non-federal entities that have never received a negotiated indirect cost rate, except for those non-Federal entities described in Appendix VII to Part 200 paragraph (d)(1)(B) may elect to charge a de minimis rate of 10% of modified total direct costs (MTDC) which may be used indefinitely. When using this method, cost must be consistently charged as either indirect or direct costs, but may not be double charged or inconsistently charged as both. Also, if this method is chosen then it must be used consistently for all Federal awards until such time as an indirect cost rate is negotiated (which may be done at any time). See 2 C.F.R. § 200.414(f).

  • There is an exception: Units of local government which the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has not assigned a cognizant Federal agency are not required to submit an indirect cost proposal, unless the awarding agency requires a copy of the proposal. Please see the appropriate Appendix section in 2 C.F.R. § 200 as listed above.