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3.2 Period of Availability of Funds

Project Extension Guidance *

Generally, the following shall apply to all grants and cooperative agreements:

  • no more than one no-cost extension may be made to an award;
  • a no-cost extension may not exceed 12 months;
  • a no-cost extension may be made only if the period of performance has not expired;
  • a no-cost extension may be made only for award recipients that have no significant performance or compliance issues;
  • a no-cost extension may be made only if supported by a robust narrative justification establishing that the extension is for the benefit of the Federal government, and contains a plan and timeline for completion within the period of the no-cost extension;
  • a no-cost extension may not be made merely for the benefit of the recipient or for the purpose of the enabling the recipient to use unobligated balances; and
  • any provisions of the DOJ Grants Financial Guide relating to no-cost extensions shall be complied with (e.g., a no-cost extension must be requested via a Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN) in the grant system of records at least 30 calendar days before the project end date).
  • Extension of the liquidation period may be allowable for awards if approved by the awarding agency (this includes the OVC State Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program and State Victim Compensation Formula Grant Program).

Periods of Performance for Research, Evaluation, and Statistics Awards

Due to the nature of the work to be carried out by the recipient, the usual periods of performance may not routinely be appropriate for research, evaluation, and statistics awards. (For example, long-term research or data collection efforts require sufficient time for activities such as institutional review board and Office of Management and Budget reviews (as appropriate), staff training, field work, data collection and analysis, presentation of findings, archiving of data, and dissemination of findings.) Accordingly, a research, evaluation, or statistics award may exceed a 3-year initial period of performance (and/or a 5-year total period of performance, and more than two continuations awards), when appropriate under the particular circumstances of that project.

* Note: not applicable to COPS Office awards.