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2.1 Application Process

Nondiscrimination Requirements

Non-discrimination assurance: Applicants must assure and certify, on the applicable awarding agency assurance form, compliance with all civil rights nondiscrimination requirements. These assurances and certifications are made by signing an assurances form that addresses various cross-cutting federal requirements, including those prohibiting unlawful discrimination. The applicable form typically is referenced in the program solicitation, and signed during the application process (electronically for most programs).

Office for Civil Rights: The DOJ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) ensures that recipients of financial assistance from OJP, OVW, and COPS Office comply with federal laws that prohibit discrimination in both employment and the delivery of services or benefits based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, and disability. In addition, federal law prohibits recipients of federal financial assistance from discriminating on the basis of age in the delivery of services or benefits. Recipients of financial assistance from OVW are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, either in employment or in the delivery of services or benefits. For more information see the OCR website

Discrimination findings: In the event of a finding of discrimination, send a copy of the hearing findings to OCR. This applies to recipients of Federal funds if a Federal or State court or administrative agency finds through a due process hearing that a recipient, subrecipient, or contractor, has unlawfully discriminated.

Other civil rights requirements: Depending on the size of the organization, how much federal funding is received, and the program under which funds are received, recipients (and subrecipients in certain cases) may be required to submit an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan to OCR. If awarded Federal funds, more specific information on civil rights compliance, including requirements regarding submission of Equal Employment Opportunity Plan will be provided in the award documents. For additional information see