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Legal Overview - FY 2018 Awards

Each recipient of an OJP grant or cooperative agreement must comply with all federal statutes and regulations applicable to the award, as well as the particular award conditions included in the award document.

The webpages accessible at the links listed below are intended to give applicants for OJP awards a general overview of important statutes, regulations, and award conditions that apply to many (or in some cases, all) OJP grants and cooperative agreements awarded in 2018. Every recipient is expected to review and understand each condition included in the award document. OJP encourages applicants for OJP awards to review this general overview prior to submitting an application.

Emphasis on Evidence-Based Programs or Practices

OJP strongly emphasizes the use of data and evidence in policy making and program development in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services. OJP is committed to:

  • - improving the quantity and quality of evidence OJP generates;
  • - integrating evidence into program, practice, and policy decisions within OJP and the field; and
  • - improving the translation of evidence into practice.

OJP considers programs and practices to be evidence-based when their effectiveness has been demonstrated by causal evidence, generally obtained through one or more outcome evaluations. Causal evidence documents a relationship between an activity or intervention (including technology) and its intended outcome, including measuring the direction and size of a change, and the extent to which a change may be attributed to the activity or intervention. Causal evidence depends on the use of scientific methods to rule out, to the extent possible, alternative explanations for the documented change. The strength of causal evidence, based on the factors described above, will influence the degree to which OJP considers a program or practice to be evidence-based.

OJP's CrimeSolutions.ojp.gov web site is one resource that applicants may use to find information about evidence-based programs in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services.

Information Regarding Potential Evaluation of Programs and Activities
The Department of Justice has prioritized the use of evidence-based programming and deems it critical to continue to build and expand the evidence informing criminal and juvenile justice programs to reach the highest level of rigor possible. Therefore, applicants should note that OJP may conduct or support evaluations of OJP-funded programs and activities. Recipients and subrecipients will be expected to cooperate with program-related assessments or evaluation efforts, including through the collection and provision of information or data requested by OJP (or its designee) for the assessment or evaluation of any OJP-funded activities and/or outcomes of those OJP-funded activities. The information or data requested may be in addition to any other financial or performance data already required under the OJP grant program.

Date Created: January 4, 2021