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Legal Overview - FY 2020 Awards

Each recipient of an OJP grant or cooperative agreement must comply with all federal statutes and regulations applicable to the award, as well as the particular award conditions included in the award document.

The webpages accessible at the links listed below are intended to give applicants for OJP awards a general overview of important statutes, regulations, and award conditions that apply to many (or in some cases, all) OJP grants and cooperative agreements awarded in 2020.  Every recipient is expected to review and understand each condition included in the award document.  OJP encourages applicants for OJP awards to review this general overview prior to submitting an application.

Alert:  Requirements Affecting FY 2020 Programs

Awards made in FY 2020 may also include award conditions relating to non-interference with federal law enforcement, including enforcement relating to illegal immigration and criminal aliens.

Interacting With Minors/Background Screening:  Additional Resources

Starting in FY 2019, OJP awards include a new award condition (entitled, "Determination of suitability to interact with participating minors") requiring advance suitability determinations for certain individuals who may interact with minors in the course of activities under the OJP award.

The following training programs may also assist recipients and subrecipients in their efforts to safeguard minors.  These programs are available free of charge through the National Children's Advocacy Center (www.nationalcac.org), funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention:

  1.   Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations (https://www.nationalcac.org/recorded_trainings/preventing-child-sexual-abuse-in-youth-serving-organizations/)
  2.   Rethinking Sexual Violence Prevention: Innovations with Bystanders, The Internet & Youth Serving Organizations (https://www.nationalcac.org/recorded_trainings/rethinking-sexual-violence-prevention-innovations-with-bystanders-the-internet-youth-serving-organizations/)

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (the "COPS Office") is also currently working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to update a 2013 publication titled What You Need to Know About Background Screening, which addresses the importance of background screening and best practices in conducting backgrounding screening and acting upon the results.  The COPS Office anticipates that the updated publication will be available during FY 2020; OJP will update this notice with a link to the publication as soon as it is available.

Date Created: January 4, 2021