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Building and Crossing Bridges: Refugees and Law Enforcement Working Together

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74 pages
This book is designed for refugee and law enforcement communities who need to work together in dealing with members of other cultures and in developing programs that will enhance action in their communities.
The examples in this book are offered by U.S. cities that have successfully hosted refugees from a wide variety of cultures. The first chapter discusses how cultural differences can be a challenge as well as a benefit to communities, and offers recommendations to communities engaged in bridge- building and bridge-crossing processes. The second chapter, targeted at law enforcement, describes a refugee's experience in a new country, offers methods for establishing relationships of trust with refugee communities, and explains how cultural differences can be approached constructively. The final chapter, aimed at refugee organizations, reviews the principles and procedures of the American criminal justice system and explains how law enforcement can assist in the adaptation process undergone by refugees coming to this country.

Date Published: January 1, 1994