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NIJ Journal Issue No. 232

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Date Published
August 1996
35 pages
Publication Series
This issue of the National Institute of Justice Journal features three articles on crime and illegal immigrants, the applications of technology in criminal justice, and reviews of research on important bodies of criminal justice knowledge and key trends in research development.
In its continued efforts to spread the word of successful programs and achievements in criminal justice, the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice (NIJ) developed the National Institute of Justice Journal. In this issue of the Journal, three articles are featured and include: (1) a description of a new partnership approach to sharing responsibility and authority for the costs and outcomes of illegal immigration and related crime between local, State, and Federal agencies; (2) a description of NIJs National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Centers (NLECTC) and the concept and development of regional NLECTCs; and (3) a synopsis of Volume 20 of the Crime and Justice series, an annual review of research on academic performance and delinquency, intermediate sanctions, the prevalence of drug use, philosophy of punishment, and theoretical integration and criminology. NIJ research and evaluation sponsored summaries are presented on drug treatment in local corrections and court security and the transportation of inmates. The Journal concludes with information on NIJ-sponsored research development and evaluation solicitations, newly released publications, final reports of NIJ-sponsored research, and a listing of 15 NIJ award recipients supporting community policing technology.

Date Published: August 1, 1996