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Partnerships To Prevent Youth Violence

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To develop educational, recreational, and anticrime programs and activities to redirect youth away from violence and crime, police agencies can actively seek and promote connections with existing institutions including schools, parent groups, neighborhood associations, professional groups, and service organizations.
Alliances can also be formed with religious leaders, Boys and Girls Clubs, businesses, health professionals, social service providers, coaches, pharmacists, and youth themselves. Partnerships against youth violence have the two related objectives of keeping young people from perpetrating violent crimes and of preventing them from becoming victims of violence. To achieve the first objective, partnerships emphasize strategies that deflect youth from violence, teach them peaceful means of resolving conflict, and heighten their awareness of the effects and consequences of violent behavior. To achieve the second goal, partnerships strive to show young people how to avoid conflict and dangerous situations. Steps to creating partnerships between police and these various institutions include learning what the problems really are, selecting strategies that will work, enlisting others in the effort, and involving young people. 5 notes

Date Published: January 1, 1994