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State and Local Programs: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Education

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80 pages
This publication reports on the results of the Bureau of Justice Assistance State Reporting and Evaluation Program "State and Local Programs Working Meeting: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Education," held April 7-9, 1994, in San Francisco, Calif.
This meeting brought together over 40 State planners and local practitioners, as well as researchers and analysts who have previously been or currently are involved in implementing and/or evaluating treatment, rehabilitation, and education programs from 16 States. The report identifies and documents treatment, rehabilitation, and education programs at the State and local levels. The first section presents perspectives on treatment, rehabilitation, and education by four national experts. They discuss moral reconation therapy, which is a cognitive-behavioral treatment strategy; the Delancey Street Foundation, which is a process of mutual restitution; Pioneer human services, which focus on chances for change; and the nature and effectiveness of intermediate sanctions. The second section presents Florida's perspective on drug treatment and rehabilitation programs for offenders. The final section profiles the State and local programs that were presented at the workshop. States represented in these profiles are California, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, and Virginia. The format for each program description includes a statement of the problem addressed by the program, program goals and objectives, program components, program results and impact, and contact information.

Date Published: January 1, 1994