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Trial Court Performance Standards and Measurement System

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July 1997
43 pages
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This is an overview of the Trial Courts Performance Standards and Measurement System, which was created by the National Center for State Courts and the Bureau of Justice Assistance to serve as a common language for describing, classifying, and measuring the performance of trial courts.
Demonstrated successfully in trial courts across the Nation, the measurement system is a valuable resource for helping courts provide fair and efficient adjudication and disposition of cases. The first main section of this program brief discusses the goals of the court system in the five performance areas into which the 22 performance standards are grouped. These areas are access to justice; expedition and timeliness; equality, fairness, and integrity; independence and accountability; and public trust and confidence. The second section summarizes the specific performance measures that are associated with the performance standards, including methods of data collection and measurement, sources of data, and primary evaluators. The third main section discusses a seven-step model that provides guidance to courts in implementing the performance standards and measurement system. The conclusion summarizes the benefits of systematic implementation of the Trial Court Performance Standards and Measurement System. Four appendixes provide additional information for those who wish to explore trial court performance issues and the implementation of performance standards in greater depth. A 66-item bibliography
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