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Tribal Courts Assistance Program Fact Sheet 2008

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This fact sheet offers a program overview of The Tribal Courts Assistance Program.


This fact sheet provides information on the history, program overview, application categories, strategies for developing, implementing and enhancing tribal courts, and information on current and past grant recipients. The Tribal Courts Assistance Program is a U.S. Department of Justice's primary initiatives for providing court-related support to tribal justice systems. Tribal Courts Assistance Program funds have been used to develop, implement, and enhance tribal courts throughout Indian Country. Tribes have used TCAP funding to plan a court system of either limited or general jurisdiction; develop or amend Tribal Codes; create a diversionary or alternative court such as wellness courts; funding essential court personnel such as judges, clerks, prosecutors, and public defenders; and probation officers; improve court capacity and efficiency through technology; improve data management through electronic record management systems; enhance court services by training key court personnel, develop post-adjudication services such as probation and parole; conduct court assessments; and employ strategic planning.

Date Published: January 1, 2008