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Losing a Loved One to Homicide: What We Know About Homicide Co-Victims Bibliography of Research and Practice Evidence

NCJ Number
Date Published
July 2019
18 pages
This bibliography contains listings of the titles and website addresses of reports on research that has examined the adverse impact on persons (co-victims) who have experienced the homicide of a loved one, as well as reports on the nature of homicide co-victim needs and the effectiveness of various efforts to address these needs.
Approximately 262 listings pertain to research evidence on homicide co-victimization. Some of the topics addressed in this section of the bibliography are ethnocultural aspects of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among African-Americans, the impact on homicide co-victims of interacting with the criminal justice system, homicide co-victims search for meaning in their victimization, the impact on co-victims of the death penalty for the offender, bereavement in the family of a homicide victim, and death thoughts and images in co-victims seeking treatment after a homicide. Approximately 262 of the bibliographic listings address the nature and effectiveness of various practices in addressing the needs of homicide co-victims. Some topics addressed in these listings are funeral planning that addresses co-victim needs, coping with stigmatized loss, the experience of homicide co-victims who oppose the death penalty, self-care while in grief, handling anger in the midst of grief, addressing myths about grief, and listening skills when working with homicide co-victims.