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Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault Training Manual

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288 pages
This training manual for those who work with sexual assault victims contains papers that address various aspects of sexual assault, molestation, and exploitation, with attention to the nature of such victimization, victim reactions, and treatment.
An introductory section contains four papers that address the history of sexual violence, myths and facts about rape, a history of the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and cultural factors in sexual violence. Twelve papers address sexual victimization in various types of communities, including ethnic communities (Southeast Asian, Native-American, African-American, and Latina), gay and lesbian communities, male survivors, older women, secondary victims, and handicapped persons. Ten papers discuss various types of sexual violence, including child sexual abuse, acquaintance rape, gang rape, marital rape, prostitution, ritualistic abuse, pornography, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation by counselors, and stalking. Seven papers on coping/reactions focus on rape trauma syndrome, victim response, flashbacks, dissociation, incest and child abuse survivors, and the needs of victims/survivors. Eleven papers deal with various legal issues that include the Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Code, degrees of criminal sexual conduct, domestic abuse, maltreatment of minors, crime victims' rights, reporting the assault, and court procedures and advocacy. Other major sections of papers consider health and medical issues, counseling victims/survivors, prevention through self-defense, and the elements of sex-offender treatment.