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What Are My Rights? 95 Questions and Answers About Teens and the Law

NCJ Number
Thomas A. Jacobs J. D.
Date Published
208 pages
This book directed to adolescents asks and answers 95 questions about teenagers and the laws that affect them, including laws that affect youth at home, at school, on the job, and in the community; laws regarding the rights of minors; and other laws relating to youths’ rights and responsibilities.
The author is a juvenile court judge and previously served as an Arizona Assistant Attorney General. The introduction explains that an understanding of the law and the rights and responsibilities of youth will help adolescents make decisions. The first chapter explains laws regarding adoption, parental authority, and guardianship. The next chapter explains laws regarding school attendance, the authority of teachers, care of school property, search and seizure at school, drug testing, freedom of expression, school prayer, the rights of students with disabilities, and students with HIV or AIDS. Further chapters explain laws relating to adolescents and health care, child abuse and neglect, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, acquaintance rape, suicide, juvenile drug use, age of majority, emancipation, gun ownership, military service, marriage, adolescent parents, driving, and penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. Further chapters focus on contractual rights, discrimination, sexual harassment, homosexuality, curfews, hunting and fishing licenses, fireworks, use of the telephone, and crossing international boundaries. Additional sections explain the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor, specific offenses, juvenile court procedures, juvenile capital punishment, lawsuits, and juvenile records. Lists of references, resource organizations, websites, and other resources; appended information about adoption records, custody, and laws related to school. Glossary, index, and 24 references


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