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Questions for Manufacturers and Distributors

Below are the list of questions that relate to Manufacturers and Distributors. If you don't find a question that relates to your inquiry, you can click your browser's back button to Return to the List of Topics and view a section that might better fit your inquiry.

Simple Answer:
Yes, if you make or sell NIJ approved vests.

More Detailed Answer:
If you are a manufacturer or distributor of bullet-resistant or stab-resistant vests that have been tested and found to be in compliance with the National Institute of Justice's voluntary standards. The Internet link http://www.nlectc.org provides access to the JustNet site, with the latest list of approved vest models and vest manufacturers.

Simple Answer:
Proceed to the Manufacturer/Distributor section and register.

More Detailed Answer:
A vest manufacturer or distributor can register online and be listed in the web site's "yellow pages." Manufacturers and distributors will have their own instructions (electronic handbook) on the web site. Basic manufacturer information is already pre-loaded, based upon the NIJ database of eligible vests. Distributors may freely participate and supply vests to eligible jurisdictions regardless of whether they are listed in the database or yellow pages.