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Rainbow bordered card with text: Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts: Celebrating LGBTQI+ Pride Month. Safe Communities | Inside Perspectives. Blog

June 26, 2024

Greater than the sum of our parts: Celebrating LGBTQI+ Pride Month

In honor of LGBTQI+ Pride Month, this article highlights the progress and ongoing challenges within the LGBTQI+ community. It examines the Office of Justice Programs' initiatives to promote equality, justice, and public safety for all.


Supporting Communities as Co-Producers of Safety and Justice

May 29, 2024

Supporting communities as coproducers of safety and justice: A mission to meet the moment

Every few years, it’s wise for organizations to step back and reflect on their mission, goals and strategic plan. The Office of Justice Programs is no different. We began that review in 2021 and saw an opportunity to build on our core approach to community safety.


Blue and yellow bars. Text reads DCRA Death in Custody Reporting Act Program

May 23, 2024

Taking action to reduce deaths in custody

Offering better protections and opportunities for people who come into contact with our criminal legal system is critical in preventing and reducing deaths in custody.