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Part III: Post Award Requirements
Chapter 5: Adjustments to Awards


  • Types of Project Changes
  • Notification
  • Reprogramming of Funds
  • Address Changes

All requests for programmatic and/or administrative budget changes must be submitted in a timely manner by the recipient/subrecipient. All requests for changes to the approved award shall be carefully reviewed by the applicable authority for both, consistency with this Guide and their contribution to project goals and objectives.


  1. Change in project site.
  2. Changes which increase or decrease the total cost of the project.
  3. Change in approved budget categories in excess of 10 percent of the total award amount. Movement of dollars between approved budget categories is allowed up to 10 percent of the total budget cost (total award amount) as last approved by the awarding agency provided there is no change in project scope. When the cumulative changes exceed 10 percent of the total award amount (includes the initial award plus the supplements) or change the scope of the project, prior approval from the awarding agency is required. (This 10-percent rule applies to awards over $100,000; however, if the total award is equal to or less than $100,000 and the scope of the project doesn't change, PRIOR APPROVAL IS NOT REQUIRED.)
  4. Change in or temporary absence of the project manager/director.
  5. Transfer of project.
  6. Successor in interest and name change agreements.
  7. Addition of an item to the project budget requiring prior approval.
  8. Retirement of special conditions, if required. A Grant Adjustment Notice (GAN) that releases funds to retire special conditions will not be approved until the grantee is in administrative compliance, e.g., financial and progress reports are current.
  9. Change in period (no cost extension).
  10. Change in the scope of the programmatic activities or purpose of the project (includes goals and objectives).


All recipients must give prompt notification in writing to the awarding agency of events or proposed changes which may require an adjustment/notification. In requesting an adjustment, the recipient must set forth the reasons and basis for the proposed change and any other data deemed helpful for awarding agency review.


The movement of funds awarded under Crime Control programs from one program to another contained in an approved State block or formula award which results in deletion or addition of a program or change in the subrecipient must be approved by the awarding agency prior to the expenditure of funds. The awarding agency will consider retroactive approval only in extremely unusual circumstances. When such retroactive approval is not considered warranted, the awarding agency will exercise its option to reduce the award by the amount of the unauthorized-reprogrammed funds.


Recipients are required to notify OJP of changes to their mailing address. Notification must be on the recipient's official letterhead, include the previous and new mailing addresses, list all grants awarded to the recipient, and be signed by the official (or successor) that signed the award document. Notification of address changes should be sent to:

OC Control Desk
Office of Justice Programs
810 7th Street, NW, 5th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20531

Recipients may obtain a listing of all grants awarded to them by contacting the OC Customer Service Center at 1-(800)-458-0786, or via e-mail at [email protected].

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