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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) today awarded more than $194,000 to each of the 50 states to develop or improve their DNA analysis capabilities and computerized identification systems. The State Identification Systems (SIS) program, authorized by the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, is administered by BJA with funding provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

"More than 50 percent of the funds awarded will be used to enhance DNA analysis, nearly 29 percent for automated fingerprint identification systems and over 18 percent for other computerized identification systems," said BJA Director Nancy Gist. "With improved information systems, we will be able to accurately identify offenders and bring them to justice faster and more effectively."

States may use SIS grants for equipment, supplies, training or educational expenses, modifications to space to accommodate equipment, contractor-provided services to address backlog or program implementation issues, and state and local personnel expenses.

To be eligible, a state must have a law in place that requires all persons convicted of a felony sex offense to provide appropriate state law enforcement officials with a DNA sample for analysis. Presently, all 50 states have such laws in effect. There is not a comparable law that covers the five territories or the District of Columbia.

BJA provides leadership and support on crime and violence prevention and works in partnership with state and local governments to make communities safe and to improve criminal justice systems. In addition, BJA develops and tests new approaches in criminal justice and crime control, and encourages replication of effective programs and practices by state and local criminal justice agencies.

The SIS program will enhance a state's ability to become fully integrated with the databases of the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC), the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).

To obtain additional information on BJA and its programs, you can access the agency's homepage at For additional information about the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) or its other bureaus and programs, visit the OJP website at

Attached is a list of the 1998 State Identification Systems grant recipients.

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BJA 98-201

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Alabama AL Department of Economic and Community Affairs
Luke Marshall - 334/242-5900
Alaska AK State Troopers
Catherine Katsel - 907/269-5082
Arizona AZ Criminal Justice Commission
Gerald Hardt - 602/230-0252
Arkansas AR Department of Finance and Administration
Jerry Duran - 501/682-1074
California CA Office of Criminal Justice Planning
John Isaacson - 916/323-7612
Colorado CO Division of Criminal Justice
John Inmann - 303/239-4470
Connecticut CT Office of Policy and Management
Patricia O'Hagan - 860/418-6355
Delaware DE Criminal Justice Council
Corrine Pearson - 302/577-8696
Florida FL Department of Community Affairs
Clayton Wilder - 850/488-8016
Georgia GA Bureau of Investigation
George Herrin - 404/244-2796
Hawaii HI Department of the Attorney General
Lari Koga - 808/586-1151
Idaho ID Department of Law Enforcement
Robert Taylor - 208/884-7133
Illinois IL Criminal Justice Information Authority
Laura Egger - 312/793-8550
Indiana IN Criminal Justice Institute
Douglas Fowler - 317/232-1230
Iowa IA Department of Public Safety
Timothy McDonald - 515/281-5138
Kansas KS Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Barbara Tombs - 785/296-0923
Kentucky KY Justice Cabinet
Fonda Butler - 502/564-3251
Louisiana LA Commission on Law Enforcement
Carle Jackson - 504/925-4440
Maine ME Department of Public Safety
Jeffrey Harmon - 207/624-7062
Maryland MD Department of Public Safety
and Correctional Services
Mary Unfried - 410/385-8994
Massachusetts MA State Police
David Ranieri - 508/820-2353
Michigan MI Department of State Police
Frank Schehr - 517/336-6522
Minnesota MN Department of Children, Families and Learning
Terry Laber - 651/642-0700
Mississippi MS Division of Public Safety Planning
Herbert Terry - 601/359-7896
Missouri MO State Highway Patrol
Robert Gartner - 573/526-6160
Montana MT Board of Crime Control
Cathy Kendall - 406/444-2947
Nebraska NE State Patrol
Marisue Riesenberg - 402/479-4017
Nevada NV Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety
Karen Kennard - 702/684-8680
New Hampshire NH Department of Justice
Gale Dean - 603/271-7987
New Jersey NJ Division of State Police
Linda Jankowski - 609/671-0022
New Mexico NM Department of Public Safety
Donna Farrell - 505/827-3375
New York NY Division of Criminal Justice Services
Gary Schreivogl - 518/457-8462
North Carolina NC Department of Crime Control and Public Safety
Douglas Yearwood - 919/733-4564
North Dakota ND Office of the Attorney General
Tammy Becker - 701/328-5508
Ohio OH Office of Criminal Justice Services
Melissa Winesburg - 614/728-5468
Oklahoma OK District Attorney's Council
Gayle Caldwell - 405/557-6707
Oregon OR Department of State Police
Beverlee Venell - 503/378-3720
Pennsylvania PA State Police
James Brown - 717/772-5494
Rhode Island RI Governor's Commission
Gail Pereira - 401/222-4496
South Carolina SC Department of Public Safety
Ginger Dukes - 803/896-8706
South Dakota SD Office of the Attorney General
Delton Tipton - 605/773-3536
Tennessee TN Department of Finance and Administration
Helen Cooper - 615/532-2985
Texas TX Office of the Governor
Robert Bodisch - 512/463-1806
Utah UT Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice
Richard Ziebarth - 801/538-1812
Vermont VT Department of Public Safety
Eric Buel - 802/244-8788
Virginia VA Department of Criminal Justice Services
Joseph Marshall - 804/786-1577
Washington WA State Patrol
Robert Maki - 360/753-0602
West Virginia WV Division of Criminal Justice Services
Michael Cutlip - 304/558-8814
Wisconsin WI Office of Justice Assistance
Stephen Grohmann - 608/266-7185
Wyoming WY Office of the Attorney General
Jennie Wroe - 307/777-6785
TOTAL $9,735,539