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U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

Press Releases 1999

12/22/99 Grants to Equip Cities to Respond to Terrorist Acts Announced by Justice Department
12/09/99 Justice Department's Office of Victims of Crime Director is Sworn In
11/20/99 Representatives from Rural Areas of 38 States in Duluth to Attend Justice Department Domestic Violence Training
11/18/99 Video Teleconference Promotes Successful Community Safety and Quality of Life Efforts
10/28/99 Justice Department Awards $3.2 Million to Communities for Sex Offender Management
10/27/99 BJA Announces Third Year of Successful Program to Test Innovative Solutions to Local Problems
10/26/99 Justice Department Releases Guide on Eyewitness Evidence
10/15/99 Justice Department Awards $8.1 Million to Colleges and Universities to Combat Violence Against Women on Campus
10/08/99 Attorney General Announces New Funding to Assist Domestic Violence Victims with Civil Legal Needs
10/07/99 Youngstown Becomes an Officially Recognized Weed and Seed Site
10/07/99 50 States Receive $8.9 Million to Improve Their Computerized Identification and DNA Systems
10/01/99 Justice Department Awards Funding for Judicial Monitoring of Domestic Violence Offenders
09/28/99 Deputy Attorney General Holder Announces Grants Linking Prosecutors and Communities to Prevent Crime
09/27/99 Improved Use of DNA Technology Focus of New Justice Department Reports
09/23/99 Rural America to Receive More Than $15.7 Million in Justice Department Funds to Address Domestic Violence
10/22/99 Criminal Fine Collection Efforts Benefit Victims
10/20/99 Seattle Chosen First in Nation to Pilot New Data-Driven Approach to Fighting Crime
10/17/99 Departments of Justice and Education Release School Security Technology Guide for Education and Law Enforcement Agencies
09/11/99 President Clinton Announces More Than $100 Million in Community Grants to Prevent Violence Among Youth
09/09/99 President Clinton Announces Community Prosecution Grants
09/07/99 Justice Department Expands Death Bed Benefirts Program
08/02/99 Community Millennium Award Winners Honored at Justice Department Conference in Houston
07/26/99 Justice Department Awards Over $38 Million to Stop Violent Criminals From Purchasing Firearms
07/21/99 Justice Department Provides Funds to Jurisdictions that Incarcerate Illegal Aliens
07/15/99 Justice Program Shows Success in Crime-Ridden Areas
07/14/99 Justice Department Releases Guide to Help Communities Replicate Successful Program to Assist Sexual Assault Victims
07/12/99 Pittsburgh Neighborhood Crime-Reduction Program a Success
06/25/99 Attorney General Highlights Fifth National Victim Assistance Academy
06/25/99 Justice Department Announces $21.9 Million to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence
06/23/99 New Justice Department Initiative to Help Develop, Enhance, and Continue Operation of Tribal Justice Systems
06/07/99 Justice Department Initiatives Will Support Coordinated, Comprehensive Respondes to the Mental Health Needs of Crime Victims
06/07/99 New Justice Department Publication Focuses on Best Practices to Respond to the Needs of the Mentally Ill
06/03/99 Attorney General Reno Announces Funds to Continue Successful Drug Court Program
05/24/99 Vice President Announces Funding to Treat Drug-Addicted Offenders
05/18/99 Justice Department Develops New Tools to Fight Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault
05/17/99 Report Outlines Methamphetamine Use in 5 Cities
05/14/99 Study Compares Drug Use in England and the United States
05/13/99 Telemedicine Can Reduce Heath Care Costs in Prisons
05/03/99 New Criminal Justice DNA Technology Unveiled
04/29/99 Study Examines Drug Abuse Patterns Across the Nation
04/22/99 Attorney General Honors Service to Crime Victims
04/19/99 Attorney General Pays Tribute to Victim Advocates
04/15/99 Justice Department Broadcast Examines National Drug Control
04/13/99 Justice Department Using Internet to Help Protect Officers
04/09/99 Indian Tribes to Receive $4.7 Million to Combat Violence Against Women
03/29/99 Office of Justice Programs Releases New 1999 Program Plan
03/28/99 Police and Corrections Get Together to Improve Public Safety
03/26/99 Justice Funds Aid Family of Yosemite Victim
03/19/99 Oakland Program Reduces Complaints in Drug-Related Cases
03/19/99 Palm Beach County to Receive Grant for Community Court
03/18/99 Rosebud Sioux Public Defender Receives Indigent Defense Grant
03/18/99 El Paso County Public Defender Receives Indigent Defense Grant
03/18/99 16th Judicial Circuit's Public Defender Receives Indigent Defense Grant
03/18/99 Tennessee Public Defenders Conference Gets Indigent Defense Grant
03/18/99 Middle Judicial Circuit of Tripartite Receives Indigent Defense Grant
03/18/99 Navajo Co. Public Defender Receives Grant to Enhance Indigent Defense
03/18/99 City of Philadelphia to Receive Grant for Community Court
03/18/99 Palm Beach County to Receive Grant for Community Court
03/18/99 Connecticut Superior Court to Receive Grant for Community Court
03/17/99 New York Legal Aid Society Receives Grant to Enhance Indigent Defense
03/11/99 Five Communities Receive Grants for Community Prosecution
03/09/99 Multnomah County to Receive Grant for Community Court
03/02/99 Assault Weapons Ban Makes a Difference
02/30/99 Justice Department Funds Continue Local Efforts to Combat Domestic Violence
02/26/99 Vice President Gore Announces Over $161 Million for Communities to Address Domestic Violence
02/26/99 Washington, D.C. Gets State-of-the-Art Mobile Police Station, One of Only Six in the Nation from Justice Department
02/26/99 Additional Funding Provided for Oklahoma City Bombing Victims
02/12/99 Fiscal Year 1999 Drug Court Funding Available
02/11/99 Attorney General Janet Reno Stresses Need for Coordinated Response to Assist Victims of Terrorism
02/03/99 Justice Department Broadcast Helps Communities Combat Youth Substance Abuse
02/02/99 Justice Department Study Examines Health Care Fraud
01/29/99 Norwalk Gets State-of-the-Art Mobile Police Station, One of Only Six in Nation from Justice Department
01/25/99 Vice President Gore Announces $305 Million to Go to States to Assist Crime Victims
1999 Adjudication Partnerships Are Solving Difficult Criminal Justice Problems
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