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The Attorney General has directed the Department of Justice to take the following actions. As more information about these activities becomes available, it will be posted to this site.

 Current Activities

  • Examination and Report
    The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has initiated an examination of Zylon®-based bullet-resistant vests(both new and used). Upgrade kits provided by manufacturers to retrofit Zylon®-based bullet-resistant vests will be included in the study. NIJ also will review the existing process by which bullet-resistant vests are certified to determine if the process needs modifications. See NIJ's

  • Summit
    For more current information please click on the Summit Information section on the left hand side menu.

  • Replacement
    OJP will work with state and local law enforcement agencies that have purchased Zylon®-based bullet-resistant vests to ensure they are fully aware of all information available about the product and, if necessary, will assist them in their efforts to replace any defective equipment.
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