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Using the Grant Payment Request System

Frequently Asked Questions
Q What does it mean when we use the term “draw down”?
A “Draw down” is the term used to describe the process when a recipient requests and receives money under an award agreement.
Q How does the money reach our organization?
A Electronic funds transfer from the U.S. Department of the Treasury based on the information you provided on the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) form.
Q How do I request payment for my organization’s award?
A Through the Grant Payment Request System, or GPRS.
Q I tried to draw down funds but the system won’t let me?
A We suggest that you follow up in one or more of the following ways:
  • Check any error messages you may have received in GPRS. Sometimes minor data entry errors are the cause of the error messages. Also, if you need to call Customer Service, having the error messages will assist us in determining how to resolve your issues.
  • Check to see if all award special conditions, including high-risk special conditions, if applicable, have been met. Many special conditions lead to the withholding of funds until the conditions have been met and cleared with a Grant Adjustment Notice, or GAN.
  • Check to see that all Federal Financial Reports (FFRs) and Progress Reports have been submitted. The system has automatic edits in place that will prevent you from drawing your funds until all the required reports have been submitted.
  • Call Customer Service.
Q What if I am not a Financial Point of Contact (FPOC) in the Grants Management System (GMS)? Can I still register for GPRS?
A No. You must first register in GMS as an FPOC.
Q How do I register as an FPOC in the GMS?
A Please go to the GMS website at to register. Also visit Chapter 4: Conditions of Award and Acceptance for additional information.

GPRS is the method for requesting payment of award funds. It is an online system that allows you to view your active award balances and history of draw downs to date. You can access GPRS at The GPRS User Guide [PDF - 2.05 MB] provides information on using GPRS.

Some benefits of the GPRS:

  • Ability to view and print a transaction history for an award
  • Summary of award information
  • Award amount
  • Hold amounts
  • Last submission of Standard Form 425 (SF-425)
  • Ability to cancel pending payment request
  • Secure individual login

The username and password used to access GPRS will vary based on the Federal organization that issued your award.

If your award was issued by the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) or the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), only user(s) within your organization that have been designated as the FPOC for the award in GMS may access GPRS.

  • To log in and submit payment requests, the FPOC must first register in GPRS.
  • To complete the GPRS registration, the FPOC will need their GMS username and password.
  • Once the registration has been successfully submitted, the information will be verified against GMS.
  • During this time, the FPOC will not be able to log into GPRS until receiving an email from GPRS approving his or her access.
  • After the FPOC receives the approval email, he or she may log into GPRS using his or her existing GMS username and password.

If your award was issued by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and you have received a preregistration email from GPRS, then you may log in to GPRS using the username and temporary password provided in the email. If you have not received a preregistration email, then the person(s) within your organization responsible for payment requests must register in GPRS.

  • To register in GPRS for COPS awards, you will need to enter the following:
  • A unique username and response to a secret question
  • Name and contact information
  • Vendor number found on your COPS award document
  • You must also indicate the awards to which you wish to have access for submitting payment requests. Note: You will only be able to submit payment requests for the COPS awards selected.
  • Once the registration has been successfully submitted, the user and award information will be verified by COPS. During this time, you will not be able to log into GPRS until you receive an approval email from GPRS with your login information. The approval email will also list the COPS awards to which you have been given access. If access was denied to any award selected during registration, the rejection reason will be included in the GPRS email.
  • After you receive the approval email, you may log into GPRS using the username and temporary password provided in the email.

information iconFinancial Management Tip

Recipients with both OJP/OVW and COPS awards will be required to maintain two separate accounts in GPRS.

If you have an OJP or OVW award and have questions on GPRS, please contact the OCFO Customer Service Center.

If you have an award through COPS and have questions on GPRS, please contact the COPS-U.S. Department of Justice Response Center.

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