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Redesigning Life in U.S. Prisons

Julio 2024

The prison system in the U.S. typically places a heavy emphasis on security, control, and punishment, and this foundation can create an adversarial culture within correctional facilities — incarcerated individuals versus correctional staff. But what if that culture could change? What would it look like? How would it impact not only incarcerated individuals but also correctional officers and other staff?

Closing Cases Using Gunshot Residue

Mayo 2024

Not every crime scene will have definitive evidence, such as DNA, to link an individual to a crime. In those cases, law enforcement relies on other evidence to build the burden of proof. NIJ graduate research fellow Dr. Shelby Khandasammy developed a tool to analyze organic gunshot residue and distinguish between different firearms calibers and manufacturers. She joins Marie Garcia, office director for the Office of Criminal Justice Systems at NIJ, to talk about her work and experience as a research fellow. 

Enhancing Corrections Spaces and Cultures

Mayo 2024

The nations prisons and jails are struggling to recruit and retain staff. These staffing challenges impact re-entry efforts and overall public safety. In this episode of Justice Today, hear from Bureau of Justice Assistance former fellow Dr. Danielle Rudes on how leaders can make correctional institutions better for staff and residents.

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OJJDP Administrator Ryan Announces FY23 Building Local Continuums of Care to Support Youth Success Award

Abril 2024

On April 11, 2024, OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan announced the inaugural cohort of grantees for the FY 2023 Building Local Continuums of Care To Support Youth Success initiative. Awards total more than $17 million to 23 grantees and 3 training and technical assistance providers. This initiative is designed to prevent youth from entering or moving deeper into the juvenile justice system.

Employing Mental Health Clinicians to Improve Police Outcomes

Febrero 2024

Law enforcement agencies are teaming up with mental health clinicians to improve behavioral health responses and allow police officers to focus on crime reduction.

In this episode of Justice Today, our host discusses how Denver police work side-by-side with mental health clinicians to treat residents experiencing mental health emergencies and connect them with treatment.

What's Known and Unknown About Marijuana (Part Two)

Enero 2024

Marijuana legalization poses many challenges — especially those related to drug chemistry and toxicology — for researchers, law enforcement, and policy makers. In the latest episode of Justice Today, NIJ Communications Assistant Josh Mondoro hosts a conversation with NIJ Scientist Frances Scott about marijuana toxicology, including comparing its effects to alcohol, measuring impairment, and maintaining public safety as more and more states legalize recreational marijuana. 

What's Known and Unknown about Marijuana (Part One)

Enero 2024

Marijuana poses many challenges for researchers, law enforcement, and policy makers, challenges that fall into two fields: drug chemistry and toxicology. NIJ scientist Dr. Frances Scott joins this episode to explain the complications in drug chemistry and how difficulties defining marijuana lead to backlogs in crime labs around the country. NIJ Communications Assistant Josh Mondoro hosts. 

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