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Office of Justice Programs

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National Missing Children’s Day

On the 39th annual National Missing Children’s Day, OJJDP will recognize the exemplary efforts of individuals and organizations to protect children.

Honoring Service and Sacrifice

PDAAG Amy Solomon joins DOJ and Administration officials in honoring our nation’s law enforcement officers.

Justice Today Podcast Series

Introducing Justice Today:  Exploring how funding, science and technology impact public safety.

President’s FY 2023 Budget Request

The FY 2023 Department of Justice budget request provides a total of $6.2 billion in funding for assistance to state, local, and tribal partners.

Learn about JustGrants, DOJ's Grants Management System

Access information about JustGrants, including news updates, resources and training opportunities for applicants and recipients of DOJ grant awards, and other forms of federal financial assistance.

Grant Application Resource Guide

Updated for FY 2022, this resource contains information to help you prepare and submit applications for OJP funding and offers guidance on award administration.

What are Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)?

UAS include the Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle, the flight controller on the ground, and the system of communication between the two.  In law enforcement, UAS are used in crowd control, traffic and accident reporting, search and rescue, crime scene reconstruction, pre-operational situational awareness, and even as first responders.