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Forensic Sciences

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Information on Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) certification is available on the SANE Certification Central section of the International Association of Forensic Nurses website.

Information on the use of DNA to exonerate inmates postconviction can be found on the Wrongful Convictions and the Exonerations Resulting from NIJ Postconviction DNA Testing Funding sections of the National Institute of Justice website.

Through grant funding, the Office of Justice Programs has provided millions of dollars to state and local forensic science laboratories to increase casework capacity, reduce backlogs, and improve quality. For example, grants obtained through the Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence program can be used to help defray the costs associated with postconviction DNA testing for violent felony offenses in which actual innocence might be demonstrated.

Information on the use of DNA to solve property crimes can be found in the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)-sponsored publication, The DNA Field Experiment: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Use of DNA in the Investigation of High-Volume Crimes; in the NIJ Journal article, DNA Solves Property Crimes (But Are We Ready for That?); and the DNA Field Experiment section of the CrimeSolutions website.

Visit the Using DNA to Solve Property Crimes section of the NIJ site for additional information.