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Law Enforcement

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OJP partners with many law enforcement agencies at the state and local levels to combat crime and promote safer neighborhoods. Through formula and discretionary grant programs, training, and technical assistance OJP works with states, communities, and tribes to guarantee they have the resources necessary to provide effective law enforcement and to ensure the safety of their citizens. OJP assistance to law enforcement is rooted in the belief that federal dollars should support initiatives that work and that are backed by the communities they serve.

Funding Opportunities

Visit the following sites to learn about law enforcement-related funding opportunities from OJP bureaus and other federal sources:

See the OJP Current Funding Opportunities page to learn more about opportunities and to access archived solicitations.


Also see the Law Enforcement page on the CrimeSolutions website for ratings of related programs.

Training and Technical Assistance

Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement Training, a publication from the National Forensic Science Technology Center was developed by crime scene experts and provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that leads law enforcement through the crucial, first phase of the justice process. Additional resources are available on the Crime Scene Investigation: Guides for Law Enforcement section of the National Institute of Justice website.

Information about currently available grant opportunities is available on the Current Funding Opportunities section of our website. Also see Grants.gov for access to information about funding opportunities from agencies outside of the Office of Justice Programs (OJP).

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Information about benefits for children of fallen law enforcement officers can be found on the Public Safety Officers' Program (PSOB) website. Through PSOB, the Bureau of Justice Assistance provides death and education benefits to survivors of fallen law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders, and disability benefits to officers catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

Visit the Financial Aid section of the Department of Education website for additional information about scholarships and aid for students.