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Prosecutors, judges, and court personnel are continuously looking for new approaches to clearing cases, decreasing dockets and preventing recidivism. Throughout the U.S., experts have found that crimes involving drugs, gun violence and mentally ill and disabled populations respond to special efforts to help hold accountable the individuals who have committed the crime, while also ensuring those individuals return to the community with the services and supervision they need to help them stop their negative behavior. Local court personnel may choose methods unique to their communities to meet these needs, and the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) is committed to providing the resources, tools, and support needed to help them test their ideas.

Through various funding opportunities, research, and more, OJP is working to provide critical information and resources to court personnel and to support programs.


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Programs & Initiatives

Following are examples of programs and initiatives from OJP and the OJP program offices related to this topic:

Also see the Courts page on the CrimeSolutions website for ratings of related programs.

Training & Technical Assistance

Visit the following sites to learn about training and technical assistance services from and supported by OJP program offices:

Additional Resources

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