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The Action Points Framework: Four Key Steps to Expanding Housing Opportunities

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State and local leaders are beginning to understand that providing affordable, permanent housing is fundamental to reducing justice system involvement, particularly for people with behavioral health needs. However, affordable housing is scarce nationwide, and people who have been involved in the justice system face a number of barriers to accessing available housing, including stigma and prohibitions based on criminal records.

In light of these challenges, this webinar is the first in a series that will equip justice system leaders with the tools for meaningful collaboration with housing, behavioral health, and other key partners to fully leverage available funding to provide and develop housing for people leaving the justice system.

In this webinar, participants will gain an understanding of the evidence of the role of housing in preventing and reducing involvement with the justice system, as well as other important outcomes. Attendees will be introduced to a framework that can guide communities in increasing housing options for people within the justice system who have behavioral health needs. Finally, participants will hear from one state that has successfully implemented a cross-system approach to increase housing for people with justice involvement.

Date Created: May 3, 2022