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Are You Prepared? The Role of Victim Assistance Providers in Preparing and Responding to Incidents of Mass Violence Expert Q&A

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Mass violence incidents require preparation and coordination across a wide range of organizations and stakeholders. As a victim assistance provider, you may be expected to respond and support victims in extraordinary circumstances. Some of these activities may be very similar to the work you do every day, but there will be differences, and your role may expand to providing leadership and support to more nontraditional critical activities. How can you and other victim service providers in your community be best prepared to be part of an effective response? What existing trainings and activities used by other agencies and emergency management planners would be most helpful for your preparation?

Please join this session to hear about proactive strategies for connecting with local resources and identifying resources that can help prepare victim assistance practitioners for their role in mass violence incident response and recovery.

Date Created: July 20, 2021