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Ask the Expert: Collaborative Approaches to Providing Mental Health and Law Enforcement Services

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This session of the Ask the Expert webinar series will be led by representatives from the Salt Lake City Police Department and will focus on their Community Connections Center (CCC), a place where behavioral health providers and law enforcement can work together to address the needs of community members.

The community connection team is composed of case workers and social workers who are liaisons between frontline police work and service providers working to support individuals and families who are in crisis. This model brings together multiple agencies to streamline the way services are provided and has yielded positive results. Attendees are invited to learn about Salt Lake City’s work and ask questions about how the CCC was created, its impact on the community, and anything else about this collaborative approach to providing much needed services in the city.


  • Karen Montano, Social Work Director, Salt Lake City Police Department
  • Scott Stuck, Sergeant, Salt Lake City Police Department
  • Ethan Aaronson, Senior Policy Analyst, Behavioral Health, CSG Justice Center

Date Created: May 13, 2024