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Ask the Expert: Family-Centered Reentry Programming

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This session of the Ask the Expert webinar series will highlight the FAITHS Throughcare Program in San Bernardino, CA, and their approach to reentry programming.

Representatives from FAITHS will discuss the origins of the program, its structure and services, and will answer questions from attendees about their work. FAITHS is a partnership between California State University San Bernardino and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department that offers comprehensive assistance to all justice-involved participants, their families, and the whole of San Bernardino County using an augmented “throughcare” model of rehabilitation. By addressing the needs of the person rejoining the community, the goal of FAITHS is to reduce recidivism, improve the communities in which we all live, save taxpayer dollars by reducing correctional costs, and rupture the intergenerational cycle of trauma and incarceration.


  • Dr. Evan Thomas, Director of Reentry Operations, FAITHS Throughcare Program
  • James Porter, Captain, Community Service & Reentry Division, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
  • Miriam Fenton, Administrative Research Analyst, FAITHS Throughcare Program
  • Ethan Aaronson, Senior Policy Analyst, Behavioral Health, CSG Justice Center

Date Created: May 13, 2024