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Data-Driven Decisionmaking (Webinar)

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This interactive event aims at engaging participants in a focused discussion on how to institutionalize the use of data in a law enforcement agency. The improved use of data and intelligence is a key principle of the Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI) initiative, and SPI maintains a commitment to increasing the capacity of law enforcement agencies to use data and intelligence in decisionmaking.

This webinar will discuss what data-driven decisionmaking involves for a law enforcement agency, provide examples of data-driven decisionmaking from both SPI and the National Public Safety Partnership (PSP), and discuss how to institutionalize it in an agency through innovation and officer buy-in.

Dr. Scott Decker, SPI Subject Expert, will set the context by discussing practices, principles and challenges of institutionalizing the use of data. Attendees will then hear from several police departments who are actively using date and intelligence in their daily decisionmaking process to include Dr. Rob Guerette, Miami, Florida, SPI Research Partner, Florida International University and Captain Daniel Thompson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Police Department.

Date Created: February 3, 2021