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OJJDP FY24 Family-Based Alternative Justice Program Solicitation Webinar

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The OJJDP FY24 Family-Based Alternative Justice Program will support states and communities as they implement new, or enhance existing, community based alternative justice programs that provide culturally competent, community based supports to strengthen the emotional, physical, and social well being of children and their families.

The program will support potential models that divert justice involved parents and primary caregivers whom a court has found guilty of a crime from the prison system, promote the unification and well being of families who are at risk of being justice involved, and prevent children of incarcerated parents from being at risk of entering the foster care and juvenile justice systems by providing supports in their community through treatment, programming, and networking. This program will prioritize programs that support underserved communities with a parent and youth component. This program will also support training and technical assistance to advance and enhance the goals of the Family Based Alternative Justice Program in the field at large and with awardees of this program. This program will prioritize technical assistance programs that support grantees and the field with innovative and culturally responsive models.

This webinar will provide a general overview of the program, the goals and objectives, a discussion about the application process, and a Q&A opportunity for participants.

Date Created: March 7, 2024