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High in Plain Sight: Alcohol, Drugs, and Concealment Trends and Identifiers

Event Dates
Public Safety Training Center

Appleton, WI

This one day training covers alcohol and drug clothing, alcoholic energy drinks, alco-pops, alcohol and drug concealment methods and containers, drug paraphernalia, drug-related music and groups, logos, stickers, new technology, youth party tendencies, party games, non-traditional alcoholic beverages, social networking sites, synthetic drugs, OTC drugs, inhalants, concentrates, E-cigarettes, and popular party drugs.

During this training, participants can:
- Gain new skills, knowledge, and confidence in helping prevent and identify students who are abusing drugs.
- Learn the identifiers, logos, and terms commonly used that are related to underage drinking, marijuana use, over-the-counter drug abuse, and drug concealment on school, home, and vehicle properties.
- Examine over 70 visual aids used to conceal alcohol and substance abuse.

Date Created: February 3, 2021