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Improving Job Readiness and Retention for Higher Risk Populations (Webinar)

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During this webinar, participants will learn about the integration of social learning and/or cognitive behavioral approaches, as well as other-risk reduction strategies, in employment program models. These lessons are especially useful for corrections and workforce development administrators and practitioners as well as community-based reentry service providers who are interested in improving employment outcomes for people assessed as being at a moderate to high risk of reoffending.

Presenters will:
- Present strategies for assessing community-based providers' use of best practices that have been shown to reduce recidivism and improve job readiness;
- Provide information on selecting a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) curriculum and strategies for sequencing CBT sessions;
- Highlight effective approaches for integrating cognitive behavioral interventions with subsidized and unsubsidized job placement;
- Discuss effective approaches for providing treatment dosage in accordance to a person's risk to reoffend and associated needs; and
- Explain how to design a behavior management system that encourages participants to manage their own behavior based on a system of incentives and consequences.

Date Created: February 3, 2021