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Kratom Abuse is on the Rise: The Next Chapter in the Opioid Crisis (Webinar)

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Kratom is an opioid with potential for addiction and abuse. Kratom abuse, as documented by the National Poison Data System, is on the rise and there are lingering questions as to its true benefits and potential dangers.

In this webinar, Pat Pizzo, a renowned forensic toxicologist, discusses Kratom's legal status, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, Food and Drug Administration, and advocacy groups' position on its safety and uses. She'll explore the history of Kratom, where its use is trending in the United States, and present data from federal organizations and research communities. Pat will conclude with compelling evidence for incorporating Kratom as part of your drug testing program.

Detailed learning objectives:
1. Understand how Kratom abuse is affecting the community and its potential for abuse by drug court participants
2. Understand what it is, what are its effects, and legal status
3. Learn how to test for it

Date Created: February 3, 2021