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National Motor Vehicle Title Information System: Law Enforcement Access Tool Training

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The Bureau of Justice Assistance's National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is intended to protect consumers from fraud and deters the selling of unsafe and stolen vehicles. Vehicle information from state motor vehicle titling agencies, vehicle recyclers, junk and salvage yards, insurance carriers, and individuals is compiled into NMVTIS. The Law Enforcement Access Tool (LEAT) is the method through which law enforcement can access NMVTIS information along with other vehicle records and history.

This training instructs law enforcement personnel how to maximize use of LEAT by demonstrating features of the tool and providing users with knowledge in searching, retrieving, and utilizing information found. Webinar participants will see how to operate all LEAT features, how to successfully navigate search capabilities, and examples of how LEAT can disseminate information to build a well-rounded understanding of a vehicle’s history.

This webinar will inform attendees on how this information can be used to expand an investigation and provide subsequent leads to enhance efforts for a successful case. Attendees will learn sources of vehicle history information contained within LEAT to enable them to locate specific facts and supporting evidence dependent upon their needs.

This webinar is intended for law enforcement officers, vehicle crime investigators, crime analysts, and administrators of these offices and agencies.

Date Created: February 16, 2021