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Protecting Children in a Digital Age

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Upon completion of this online training, participants will be able to:
• Understand the different types of technology used by children and teens, including devices and apps
• Recognize the differences between the digital age and the world that adults experienced while growing up
• Focus on a proactive approach to digital safety that includes communication, setting guidelines, and digital citizenship training
• Understand the most common online issues that children and teens are likely to face such as cyberbullying, "sexting," and online predators
• Address the legal aspects of all of these topics and learn how to address each of these issues with best practices
• Understand the role in helping victims navigate trauma after the incident has occurred, and learn what resources are available for you to aid in this process

The training is open to members of law enforcement, child protection teams, school officials, social workers, counselors, educators, community leaders, and staff members for programs that serve youth.

Date Created: August 29, 2022