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Psychological First Aid and Victim Assistance

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This webinar will introduce the basic concepts of Psychological First Aid (PFA) that participants can use to support the recovery of crime victims and others impacted by trauma.

PFA is an evidence-informed intervention for supporting people experiencing stress at any level to help reduce distress and foster adaptive coping strategies.

PFA was designed initially to support people in the immediate aftermath of disasters, but its use expanded from the initial intent with the growing recognition of the benefits of PFA support in a range of stressful situations, from daily stressors to traumatic incidents.

The approach is based on the understanding that people have predictable reactions to stress and that trauma is on the extreme end of the stress continuum. Most people will exhibit resiliency when stressed—this can be fostered and increased with information about early reactions to stress, encouragement to use existing coping skills, and providing a caring and compassionate presence.

Date Created: July 6, 2022