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Research and Evaluation on the Administration of Justice (Webinar)

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This NIJ webinar will educate applicants on the purpose of the Research and Evaluation on the Administration of Justice solicitation and application requirements. With this solicitation, NIJ seeks to fund investigator-initiated, interdisciplinary research and evaluation projects related to the administration of justice in three areas: (1) eyewitness evidence; (2) police deflection strategies; and (3) forensic testimony.

The key goals of this webinar will be to:
- Highlight the solicitation purpose, goals, and expectations;
- Specify purpose area requirements;
- Provide a general overview of the application process;
- Identify tools and resources that will facilitate the application process;
- Explain the application review process;
- Discuss some of the common pitfalls and reasons applicants are not selected for funding; and
- Offer an opportunity for applicants to ask questions.

- Dr. Brett Chapman, Social Science Analyst
- Eric Martin, Social Science Research Analyst
- Dr. Jonathan McGrath, Sr. Policy Analyst

The solicitation associated with this webinar is accessible at https://www.nij.gov/funding/Documents/solicitations/NIJ-2019-15645.pdf.

Date Created: February 3, 2021