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Responding to Sextortion Related Offenses Against Children

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Sextortion refers to the crime where someone employs an abuse of power, usually a threat to expose explicit images to coerce a person to do something. This training will identify the methods and tactics used by offenders, and describe why youth are vulnerable to these tactics. 

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Define sextortion
  • Identify sextortion offender tactics
  • Describe why youth are vulnerable to sextortion offenders
  • Explain the impact of sextortion on victims
  • Describe multiple reporting venues for the crime of sextortion
  • Identify effective sextortion prevention messaging

Is This Training For You?

  • Law enforcement
  • Law enforcement support
  • Prosecutors
  • Social workers
  • Tribes/Tribal partners

Date Created: October 31, 2023