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SHIFT Webinar Series Part 1: Secondary Trauma and Traumatic Stress

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This is the first webinar in a 6-part series addressing secondary trauma and traumatic stress to help law enforcement, prosecutors, and other investigative personnel identify, reduce, and address the traumatic impact of their work in combating child sexual exploitation. This webinar will focus on secondary trauma and traumatic stress, the effect it has on professionals, and the different factors that can compound the response to trauma.

Future webinars in the series will address each of the five categories of signs and symptoms of stress (physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and worldview), focusing further on specialized resiliency tools and coping strategies to help professionals combat traumatic stress and develop personalized tools to help alleviate the effects of trauma. Registration is required to join this event. If you have not registered, please do so now.

Date Created: January 18, 2022