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Starting from the Top: Reducing Organizational Stress for Command Staff

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In addition to critical incident stress, which agency members are exposed to on the calls they respond to, sworn and professional staff also experience organizational stress. Throughout the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)-funded Using Analytics to Improve Officer Safety Initiative, sworn and professional command staff shared the importance of the supervisory role in coping with organizational stressors. Command staff, particularly supervisors, have an important role in supporting their supervisees while also facing their own organizational stressors.

In this VALOR webinar, BJA, CNA, and command staff from participating agencies will discuss the role of the supervisor in addressing organizational stress. Specifically, webinar participants will briefly learn about the contributing factors to organizational stress, how participating agency members experienced the organizational stress in their agencies, and promising practices for command staff in coping with the organizational stress while alleviating the impacts of organizational stress for their supervisees.

This webinar will be interactive, engaging participants on their use of specific techniques for coping with organizational stress.

This VALOR webinar includes perspectives from practitioners and researchers and is intended for sworn and professional personnel – line level officers, professional staff, supervisors, trainers, and city human resources personnel, as well as other relevant stakeholders (e.g., researchers and federal partners).

Date Created: July 24, 2023