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Supporting Young Adults in Reentry through Medicaid Funding

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Event Dates

The panel discussion event will bring national attention to expanded opportunities for coverage created through the SUPPORT Act, the 2022 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, and 2023 CMS guidance encouraging states to apply for Section 1115 waivers to expand access to health coverage and care for people leaving incarceration.

Panelists will discuss their processes, strategic thinking, planning, and implementation work to meet Medicaid requirements for screening, referrals and case management and eligibility and enrollment requirements under the SUPPORT Act.

Finally, the panel will highlight the transferable lessons of collaboration to expand health coverage for young that inform planning for broader adult reentry populations.

The focus will be the opportunity for adult corrections administrators to support youth 18-21, and up to 26 for those involved in the foster care system. 

Date Created: April 1, 2024