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Using Research to Enhance Incorporation of Victim Services

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Opportunities to connect crime victims to specialized personnel and services are being missed. Join Office for Victims of Crime Fellow Amy Durall, Lynn Langton of RTI International, Kelle Barrick of RTI International, and Susan Howley of the Center for Victim Research at Justice Information Resource Network, for this discussion on law enforcement-based victim services.

Research can provide agencies with objective data, evaluation of that data, and examples to base foundational decisions for incorporating law enforcement-based victim services. Lessons learned from these efforts can contribute to ongoing strategic planning and sustainability of services. Using research information and tools can enhance the ability to meet the needs of victims and co-victims.

Information from this webinar can help participants apply research efforts in the following areas:

  • Structure and staffing models
  • Service populations and parameters
  • Effectiveness of victim services

Date Created: November 30, 2023