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Virtual Train-the-Trainer Series: Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault Investigations

Event Dates

This 7-session, interactive virtual training will instill deeper understanding of response to violence against women crimes, as well as adult learning principles so you can effectively conduct training for your agency members.

This training offers a unique opportunity to—

  • enhance existing training curricula on sexual assault and co-occurring and interconnected crimes, the impact and neurobiology of trauma, and trauma-informed, offender-focused investigations;
  • recognize culture and its effect on responding to sexual assault to maximize training efforts;
  • strengthen presentation, facilitation, and classroom management skills; and
  • share successes, challenges, and solutions with law enforcement peers that train on sexual assault.

Apply by March 4, 2022, for this training to gain practical experience and enhance your training skills.

Date Created: February 8, 2022