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Connecticut and Nebraska Rejoin OJJDP's Formula Grants Program, Receive More Than $1.2 Million To Improve Their Juvenile Justice Systems

The Office of Justice Program’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention announced today that Connecticut and Nebraska have rejoined the Title II Part B Formula Grants program and are each receiving awards of more than $600,000 to prevent delinquency, protect system-involved youth and improve their juvenile justice systems. Formula grants support states’ ongoing work to achieve positive outcomes for youth and advance public safety. Nearly $57 million has been invested in the program nationwide in fiscal year 2023 by OJJDP. 

OJJDP’s Formula Grants program is authorized under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974, as amended. The program provides funds directly to states and territories to help them implement comprehensive juvenile justice plans based on needs in their jurisdictions. States can use the funds for a variety of services for youth, including job training, mental health and substance use treatment, community-based prevention and intervention programs, and school programs to prevent truancy. Participating states also benefit from the program’s training and technical assistance.

“Title II funding is the clearest expression of the Justice Department’s deep commitment to supporting our youth and helping them succeed,” said OJP Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Solomon. “We are pleased that Connecticut and Nebraska will once again be receiving these resources to carry on the vital work of building safe, humane and effective juvenile justice systems in their states.” 

Both Connecticut and Nebraska previously participated in OJJDP’s Formula Grants program, but the FY 2023 awards mark the first time they will receive program funding since 2018. States applying for FY 2023 formula grants were required to submit a comprehensive three-year plan describing how they would use the funding. They were also required to outline how they would fulfill numerous statutory and other requirements, including a commitment to achieving and maintaining compliance with the JJDPA’s four core requirements to deinstitutionalize status offenders, separate youth from incarcerated adults, remove youth from adult jails and lockups, and address racial and ethnic disparities. 

"I am very excited that Connecticut and Nebraska have resumed their participation in OJJDP’s Formula Grants program,” said OJJDP Administrator Liz Ryan. “OJJDP staff worked closely with officials in both states to achieve this. With formula grants, states and territories direct funding to address their own unique needs, improving juvenile justice systems and enhancing prevention and intervention services for youth. I am thrilled that nearly all of the jurisdictions eligible for formula grants are participating in the program.” 

Connecticut and Nebraska have committed to achieving significant milestones by the end of the first funding year. By that time, each will have created a State Compliance Monitoring Manual and established a compliance data collection plan for the four core requirements, for example. Each will also hire or appoint a juvenile justice specialist, state compliance monitor and racial and ethnic disparities coordinator. Nebraska will fill vacancies on the state advisory group, prioritizing the recruitment of members younger than 28; Connecticut will establish a state advisory group. 

More information about the OJJDP Title II Formula Grants program is available here.

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Date Published: December 14, 2023