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National Institute of Justice Gives Overview of Forensic Intelligence Approaches to Data-Driven Policing

The Office of Justice Programs’ National Institute of Justice today published a report summarizing current practices in Forensic Intelligence, a project in which subject matter experts examined the application of forensic intelligence models that support law enforcement and modernization efforts.

“We’re accustomed to thinking about forensic data as something that goes from a crime scene to a lab to a courtroom,” said NIJ Director Nancy La Vigne, “but there’s tremendous potential to use that information earlier in the investigative cycle, and even across cases collectively. Putting a model in place to systematically use this data will better leverage forensics in pursuit of greater efficiencies and more just outcomes.”

A forensic intelligence model is generated through the analysis of scientific data, often enhanced by combining other sources of intelligence, such as human intelligence and open-source intelligence. Like these other forms of intelligence, it can be used by law enforcement to identify crime trends, guide investigations, and enhance public safety.

The report provides an overview of considerations for undertaking forensic intelligence activities, such as organizational structure, key partnerships, enhanced communications, and the development of resources. It is based on the subject matter experts’ collective experience from the field, the published literature on the topic and discussions with other experts.

As law enforcement transitions from reactive policing to proactive, intelligence-led and data-driven policing, the report shows ways to increase efficiency, transparency, public trust and public safety.

Title: Forensic Intelligence Models: Assessment of Current Practices in the
          United States and Internationally

Author: National Institute of Justice

Where: https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/nij/305898.pdf

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Date Published: February 14, 2023