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Grantee Toolkit

Advancing Community Safety and Justice
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Marcus McAllister addresses the press at the Lake County State's Attorney Office's announcement of the OJP funded Gun Violence Prevention Initiative.


As a grantee of the Office of Justice Programs, you are a valued partner in preventing violence and strengthening safety, promoting civil rights and equity, serving victims and our nation’s youth, and building the bonds of trust between law enforcement and community. You are part of the OJP story as we collectively create a safer, more just, and more equitable nation for all.

General Tips

We encourage you to highlight the many achievements of your organization related to OJP investments to demonstrate the impact your work has had on your community, including best practices that we can help lift nationwide.

In announcing your grant award and promoting your work, we suggest focusing on:

  • The goal of the project being funded by an OJP award
  • The impact this will have on those you serve or support
  • Related events, activities, trainings, etc.
  • A quote from your organization’s leader
  • The amount of the award

If your entity is issuing a press release and you would like us to amplify the news or you would like to request an OJP leadership quote, contact your OJP grant manager and [email protected].

Remember to review your award conditions and work with your grant manager to ensure appropriate disclosure and disclaimer language about funding is included.

Send compelling videos/images to include in OJP multimedia materials at [email protected].

Additional Resources

Lending a Helping Hand

OJP’s mission is to provide resources, leadership, and solutions to advance community safety, build community trust and strengthen the community’s role as co-producer of safety and justice. To fulfill this, we have five primary goals we actively aim to achieve. As a grantee, we invite you to share how your organization assists your communities in achieving the following goals:

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1. Promoting Safety and Strengthening Trust
OJP funding targets reducing violence and hate crimes, supporting reentry efforts, and strengthening bonds of trust between the community and law enforcement officials.

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2. Accelerating Justice System Reforms
OJP grants advance reforms intended to ensure equal justice and fair treatment for all who come in contact with the criminal and juvenile justice systems.


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3. Making the Juvenile Justice System More Equitable and Effective
OJP funds programs designed to hold youth accountable for their actions while reducing their interactions with the juvenile justice system and creating opportunities for success.

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 4. Expanding Access to Victim Services
OJP invests in state, local and tribal programs that provide trauma-informed and culturally relevant services to all victims of crimes, as well as victim assistance and victim compensation programs.

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5. Advancing Science and Innovation
OJP advances research that strengthens the evidence infrastructure around crime and justice, and helps policymakers and practitioners improve public safety.

Social Media Handles

If you plan on sharing news about your grant award on social media, please feel free to tag us on any of the following platforms:

Need help coming up with social media posts?
We have some suggestions to help get the creative ideas flowing, as well as some pre-written posts that just need basic information plugged into them.

 Ideas to write your own:

  • Select an individual or representative that your organization has supported – and with their permission – tell their story. Include in the story how investment from OJP will help more people like them.
  • Pick an individual that your organization has benefited from your work – and with their permission – tell how OJP investments made it possible.
  • Write a post about how important funding is to the organization and how it assists you in accomplishing your mission.
  • Write a “goals” post that lists the goals your organization hopes to achieve with support from OJP.
  • Create a graphic that features a quote from a leader or spokesperson about your work and include #OJPStories.

Social media post examples:
These will work for X (formerly known as Twitter) and can be adapted to fit any social media network. Highlight your stories on any social media networks, OJP is on X, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. These are meant to serve as examples and we encourage our grantees to share your work and please tag OJP and include #OJPStories.

X (formerly Twitter):

  • Thanks to @OJPgov and an investment of <add monetary amount if desired>, <fill in name of organization> is able to continue our <insert mission>! #OJPStories
  • <Name of organization> is helping people in our community by <how?>. We will continue to strengthen and help our community through OJP priorities. #OJPStories
  • With awards from @OJPgov, <name of organization> is able to continue to strengthen and heal our community.  #OJPStories
  • OJP and <grantee organization> are focused on using science and innovation to drive advancements in community justice. #OJPStories <attach graphic>
  • OJP and <grantee organization> are making the juvenile justice system fairer and more effective through the mission of <grantee organization>. #OJPStories
  • OJP and <grantee organization> are committed to promoting safety, strengthening trust, and advancing community justice through <name of program>. #OJPStories

Stay on top of OJP priorities, news, and outreach by signing up for email alerts, following us on social media and reading OJP articles.

Images for Your Social Media

 Advancing Community Justice
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Promoting Safety & Strengthening Trust
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Accelerating Justice System Reforms
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Making the Justice System More Equitable & Effective
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Expanding Access to Victim Services
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Advancing Science and Innovation
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Create Your Own Social Post


Include your own photo in the customizable SVG social card templates. 

Date Published: September 22, 2023